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A Pocket Guide to Accelerant Evidence Collection 2nd Edition
Accelerant Evidence Collection Every day, arson prosecutions fail in trials because the fire investigator and forensic laboratory were unable to verify presence of ignitable liquid residue in fire ground evidence samples. In other cases, unusual burn patterns lead investigators to sometimes incorrectly conclude an incendiary fire cause.

First published in 1992, A Pocket Guide to Accelerant Evidence Collection, is now recognized as a leading resource in the specialized field of fire pattern recognition associated with ignitable liquids and expert arson debris sampling procedures.

The new 2nd edition was updated with new information and additional Chapters was released in 2001.

This unique, how-to manual was the result of a collaborative effort of a select team of experienced fire/arson investigators from the private sector and from municipal, state and federal law enforcement agencies and the fire service, accelerant detection canine handlers and some of the top forensic chemists from the ATF, FBI and state labs specializing in arson debris sampling.

Designed to be carried into the fire scene, classroom and courtroom this definitive how-to
pocket sized manual will provide fire scene investigators with information including:

· Thirty "symptoms" that may indicate ignitable liquids were used to start or propagate an arson fire.
· Ten major physical properties of common flammable/combustible liquids.
· The best places to take ignitable liquid residue samples and sampling locations to avoid.
· How to prevent cross-contamination of your samples by your tools and safety gear.
· How to load evidence containers for best results with today's GC/MS analysis instruments.
· The most effective sampling methods for each of the seven common floor surfaces.
· Physical and chemical properties for twenty common ignitable liquids used as fire accelerants.
· The Witness Driven Fire Investigation Protocol used to set up some of the most effective Arson Units in the United
States today and that can help you locate the best arson debris evidence collection areas in your fire.

This manual has been included as part of major arson training programs or is a recommended reference in:

· The revolutionary interFIRE VRô CD_ROM fire/arson investigation training program.
· The Guide to Fire and Explosion Investigations, NFPA 921 (1992, 1995, 1998, 2001 & 2004 editions).
· The Federal Department of Justice Guidelines for Fire/Arson Investigation (2000 Edition).
· Management for Arson Prevention and Control school, National Fire Academy, Emmitsburg, Maryland.
· Advanced Cause and Origin School & Arson Prosecutors School, ATF National Academy, Glynco, GA
· Police Arson School, FBI National Academy, Quantico, Virginia.
· Thousands of copies of the 1st & 2nd Edition sold in seminars, fire investigation training academies and by
mail order worldwide.
· Kirk's Fire Investigation, 5th Edition, John DeHaan, 2002

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